YouTuber Grace Helbig Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

YouTuber Grace Helbig is struggling with a big wellness fight.

The influencer, who hosted The Grace Helbig Exhibit on E! in 2015, announced in a July 3 YouTube video that she has been identified with breast most cancers.

“It can be referred to as triple-positive breast cancer and from each medical professional or health care professional or person that has any information about most cancers, they have explained it is tremendous treatable, it is really beatable,” the 37-calendar year-outdated mentioned. “We are going for cure, not remission here, which is enjoyable, encouraging, valuable, great.”

Grace claimed she was supplied her prognosis about a thirty day period ago right after undergoing testing following her annual women’s test with her gynecologist.

“I had sort of observed a weird lump in my left breast but I truly experienced to speak myself into bringing it up to her in the appointment simply because I believed that I was just a stupid minimal lady that failed to know how girl bodies labored, and it is most likely just muscle tissue. Thank God I listened to that tiny voice within of me that finally received the braveness to deliver it up to her.”