‘Bama Rush’ Documentary Explores The Dark Side Of The Viral TikTok Phenomenon

A new documentary coming to Max (formerly known as HBO Max) will take viewers into the complex world of sororities.

Bama Rush” follows several young women behind-the-scenes during the convoluted sorority recruitment process at the University of Alabama.

In the summer of 2021, #BamaRush went viral on TikTok as social media users were captivated by the week-long engagement, known as rush week, in which undergraduate women mix and mingle with current members of various sorority houses.

In a nutshell, things got messy when rumors began swirling about alleged hidden cameras and microphones being planted on girls rushing the university’s sororities.

Naturally, Twitter users had plenty to say once the documentary’s trailer dropped on Thursday.

In August, the University of Alabama officials confirmed reports of “unauthorized recordings” of students involved in sororities, calling it “deplorable.”

Shane Dorrill, a university spokesman, said in a statement to AL.com at the time: “The University is aware of reports that outside parties have facilitated unauthorized recordings of our students involved in Panhellenic recruitment.”

He added that the university “does not condone surreptitious filming or recording of students, some of whom are minors, without their consent.”

According to Dorrill, the recruits were also not allowed to film each other as the Alabama Panhellenic Association recruitment rules “prohibit potential new members from filming or recording inside any chapter houses.”

Directed and executive produced by filmmaker Rachel Fleit, “Bama Rush” will hit Max on May 23.