Biggest changes from Disney animated film

“Peter Pan” has been adapted countless periods for the major and tiny screen. 

But for Jude Legislation, none compares to his memories of acting out the story with his younger son Rafferty, now 26. 

Increasing up, “his enjoy of it was so infectious,” remembers Legislation, who stars in the Disney+ movie “Peter Pan & Wendy” (streaming Friday). “Playing that with him was in all probability my preferred model, right up until this one particular.” 

Directed by David Lowery (“The Inexperienced Knight”) and showcasing Legislation as Captain Hook, the reside-motion remake leans into the bittersweet coming-of-age theme of J.M. Barrie’s 1911 novel. Here’s how the new movie updates Disney’s 1953 animated classic:

Jude Law’s Captain Hook isn’t really a mustache-twirling villain

With this version of Captain Hook, Jude Law says he saw an opportunity to "mine some really interesting material and fully understand him."

Compared with flamboyant previous versions of Hook, this iteration is deeply tragic. Around the class of the film, we discover that Hook has a complicated history with Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) that goes over and above swordplay, which would make him additional “horrifying” still “sympathetic,” Legislation states. He also looks less dapper and a lot more grizzled than the animated character.