What is mewing? Why the TikTok beauty trend is controversial

What is mewing? Behind the controversial TikTok beauty trend.

Influencers on TikTok say “mewing” is the hottest brief-resolve natural beauty development to dramatically modify one’s confront. Medical professionals are not acquiring it. 

“You see these dramatic posts on social media exactly where someone seems like they have a frog neck and then all of a unexpected they have this correctly outlined jawline,” suggests plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer. “Whether or not which is also involving some selective editing, it’s challenging to tell.”

Here is why men and women on the web cannot stop chatting about mewing – and what you will need to know about it. 

What is mewing? 

Mewing is “the process of putting the tongue at the roof of the mouth and implementing stress to result in bony modifications in the jawline,” says Dr. Catherine Chang, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of NakedBeauty MD.