Suspect in Colorado LGBTQ shooting had neo-nazi leanings, targeted gay people

The suspect billed with killing 5 men and women at a Colorado LGBTQ dance bash experienced visited the nightclub at minimum 6 periods ahead of, like with their mom, but repeatedly expressed violent intention to damage homosexual men and women, police officers testified in court docket Wednesday.

Anderson Aldrich, who wounded a lot more than a dozen other people ahead of being subdued by heroic folks in Club Q, posted hateful commentary on a own world-wide-web web page, such as a video clip termed “incorrect target” that Coronado Springs detective Rebecca Joines characterized as a “neo-nazi mass shooter terrorist coaching video.”

The video clip, which Joines mentioned was not created by Aldrich and has been posted online by several others, highlighted assaults on synagogues and mosques in Europe and the 2019 shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Joines stated she thinks Aldrich was seeking to emulate people attacks in the Colorado Springs shooting.