Chris Olsen Breaks Down His 10 Romantic Partners of 2022

Shift above Spotify, Chris Olsen is undertaking a different sort of conclusion of the calendar year assessment.

The TikToker posted a video to the social media platform on Dec. 9, walking his enthusiasts by means of his 2022 Relationship Wrapped report. In the clip, he hilariously broke down the 10 intimate encounters he experienced in excess of the very last calendar year, group-by-group, using graphs, scales and charts. 

Chris—who broke up with boyfriend Ian Paget in January—began his report with a “Databilty vs. Hotness” scale, before relocating on to a bar chart of ages, noting that he is “into the older men.”

“Absolutely everyone I have dated has been older than me,” he discussed. “If you are younger than me, it truly is possibly not going to get the job done out.”

That information folded properly into his subsequent slide, the “Daddy vs. Not Daddy” comparison, which showed that 40% of his suitors would go by the naughty nickname in the bed room, despite the fact that Chris admitted, “not that I tried using with all of them, but I know. You just know.”