Egg White Recipes – 15 creative keto recipes

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Got some leftover egg whites? Don’t throw them away! Try these 15 delicious keto-friendly recipes to make the most of them.

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If you love to bake and cook, you are bound to end up with leftover egg whites on occasion. Many wonderful recipes, such as keto chocolate pudding, require only the yolks, leaving you with a bowl of lonely whites. So now what?

The great news is that you have many delicious options. A wide array of healthy, low carb recipes use extra egg whites. From classic angel food cake to delicious keto focaccia bread, these egg white recipes will get your creative juices flowing.

If you have too many egg yolks, I have solutions for that too! Check out my Recipes for Leftover Egg Yolks.

A slice of Keto Easter Egg cake being lifted away from the rest of the cake.

Tips for storing egg whites

Not quite ready to bake with those egg whites? No problem! Sock them away until you’re ready to use them. You can keep them in the fridge in a sealed container for up to 4 days safely.

But you can also freeze them for up to 3 months. I like to put my leftover whites in small glass jars in the freezer, leaving some space at the top for expansion as they freeze. I am prone to forgetting how many are in each jar, so I label them with some masking tape.

You can also freeze the individual whites in ice cube trays. Once they’re solid, pop them out and place them in a freezer bag or other freezer-safe container. That way, you know exactly how many you have at any given time.

Frozen egg whites thaw easily and bake up just as well as when they are fresh. And you can still whip them into stiff peaks for cakes and meringues! In fact, the freezing process helps break down the proteins so that they whip even more easily than fresh whites.

Keto recipes for leftover egg whites

7. Keto Blueberry Bread

A loaf of keto blueberry bread with two slices cut out of it.

This sweet keto quick bread is lighter and airier because it uses some egg whites. It’s a tender coconut flour bread bursting with fresh blueberries and makes a delicious breakfast or snack. This recipe uses 3 egg whites and has 4g net carbs per serving.

8. Sugar Free Frosting

Keto vanilla frosting piped into a dark bowl

Egg whites make the best keto frosting! This swiss meringue buttercream is silky smooth and perfectly pipe-able. It is hands down the best sugar free frosting I’ve ever made and is worth the effort. And it’s practically carb-free! This recipe takes 4 egg whites and has 0.1g carbs per serving.

9. Keto Macaroons

Keto macaroons freshly dipped in chocolate.

Chewy coconut macaroons use egg whites to help bind them and give them texture. These chewy cookies have some of my sugar-free dried cranberries too! I like to dip mine in dark chocolate for an extra special treat. They use 2 egg whites have have 3.4g net carbs per cookie.

13. Churro Waffles

Two keto churro waffles on a white plate, with chocolate sauce in a pot beside the plate.

Keto churro waffles – tasty breakfast or low carb dessert? No matter what, these crispy keto cinnamon waffles are sure to please! I used egg white to make them extra crispy, like real churros! This recipe takes 1 egg white and has 2.6 carbs per serving.

14. Keto Tortilla Chips

Top down photo of low carb tortilla chips with guacamole

I created a low carb tortilla chip recipe with pork rinds, egg white, and cheese. They are super crisp and stand up to all your favorite low carb dips and salsas. And they really satisfy that need for crunchy snacks! This keto chip recipe takes 2 egg whites and has 0.6g of carbs per serving.

15. Robin’s Egg Cake

A close up shot of a slice of Robin's Egg Cake on a white plate.

This is perhaps one of my most stunning keto cake recipes. I used egg white to keep the cake very pale so that it stood out with the blue frosting. It’s a must make recipe for spring and Easter! It uses 5 large egg whites and has 2.3g net carbs per slice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use egg whites on keto?

Egg whites are almost pure protein, with little to no fat or carbohydrates. So they are a great option for keto and low carb diets. They also help add structure to many keto bread recipes and cakes.

Can you freeze raw egg whites?

Yes, they freeze very well and thaw nicely. They can be used in any recipe that call for fresh egg whites. See my tips on storing egg whites above.

What can you do with lots of egg whites?

There are so many delicious recipes that use just the whites, or a few extra whites in addition to whole eggs. Try Keto Coconut Cake or sugar free Swiss Meringue Buttercream for a delicious treat. And Keto Angel Food Cake uses up 10 of your leftover egg whites!